10 Things I learned while finishing my first official music project...(Part 2?...Yeah, I know I'm late)

  • Risk it! (Try something new)

    Is it possible to attain a reward without risk? My answer would be a resounding, no! I’ve come to believe that risk and reward are inevitably interlocked. Therefore, especially as artists, we are bound to walk a tightrope between the two. I have found myself stepping out into uncertain circumstances time and time again, all for the sake of moving one step closer to my goal. I’ve found myself wandering around awkwardly in new social settings, not knowing a soul in the room, all for the sake of hoping to network with folks and build various times. I’ve also sent multitudes of emails with no response (I won’t lie, I can still do way better at hitting these blogs up), I’ve entered contests, I’ve even been in situations where I had no idea if I could afford what I was looking to do. Risks all come in different form, but are all accompanied by the same feelings of uncertainty regardless. So, regardless of how you feel, risks will always be worth taking. Do it! Make yourself uncomfortable!
  • Get social (Spread It!)

    Repeat with me…”social media is my friend, social media is my friend!” I’ve had to say this to myself over and over, until it finally sunk in a bit more. I think I am (almost fully) a believer in the power of social media, but I am still seeking to harness it fully. I feel like an X-Men first discovering they are a mutant, but still learning how to direct their powers. (Cyclops was one of my favorites. So, like him before he got that nifty glasses/visor thingy). The goal is to see social media not just as a vast pool of humanity, but individual people that you can connect with on a personal level. Join me in the quest to creatively connect with as many people as possible. I still am chasing the goal of getting my numbers up, and also seeing those numbers as individual people who I not only benefit from, but who can also benefit from my life and message. (Please share any tidbits you've learned?) 
  • Enjoy it

    Don’t always beat yourself up, but find moments to celebrate wins, even if they are small. There’s always more to be done and an area to grow in. However, there is “always something to clap about!” I believe there is always progress being made, and we simply have to keep that in perspective. Just because we haven’t fully realized our dreams doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate the process along the way.
  • Document it

    Memories are dope. There are moments along the path of an artist that literally shape their voice and who they will be in the future. There are also moments that an artist might wish to forget. However, I’ve learned it is good to capture them all. Reflecting is priceless, and these snapshots will also give fans a great view into the development of who an artist was and has become. Invite folks into your journey. It’s great to remember where you’ve been in the process of learning where you are going. 
  • You!

To know oneself is to learn one of the greatest lessons...ever! Therefore, I think it is critical to continually seek to learn more about who I am. In the process of seeking to complete a project, I wrestled with what it means to be an artist and how being an artist impacts the core of my identity. There is a deep sense of introspection needed for creativity. I've found things inside of myself that I didn't even know were there. I am still discovering more everyday. I believe as an artist that sharing my journey of self-discovery will help others as they embark on the same journey. For an artist to know self is the most important lesson because, it will lead to growth and ultimately...better art. Join me as I get to know more of myself!