A Good Day?

This coming Friday, February 3rd I will be releasing a new song that is somewhat of an ode to Ice Cube's classic record " Today was a Good Day". I'm definitely hyped for you to hear the song, which has appearances from two special guests. However, it also got me thinking how exactly would you define a "Good Day?" 

For many, it seems as if good day's are becoming so much harder to come by, especially with everything going on in the news and the new president in office. Americans and many people from all over the world seem to be losing a sense of hope and ultimately have nothing to look forward to. For me, times of increasing gloom and pessimism do not speak to the end of good days, but on the contrary, create opportunities for even greater days to lie ahead. I know, I know...I guess I'm a little idealistic? Regardless, the truth remains that positivity will always trump negativity (lol...see what I did there?). 

I know there are very real issues and emotions that many are feeling during these times of turmoil. So, especially with my new song coming out, I wanted to start a conversation about what Good Days actually look like and how to have them more frequently. I think we can all look to implement some strategies to make everyday as great as possible.

- Rejoice with those who rejoice! Romans 12:15 (and a lot of other verses from Romans 12) gives a great outlook on the perspective needed to have a good day. One of the key points is to take joy in other's joy. Sometimes it is easy to get so self-focused that we lose sight of all the wonderful things going on in the lives of those around us. We grow so anxious for our "Good Day" that we are stuck under a cloud of impatience and lose sight of everyone else's days in the sun. I think we all would be pleasantly surprised in witnessing the amount of joy we receive by simply being happy for others around us. So, even if someone else gets that promotion, car, marriage, pair of shoes, house or last piece of chicken you wanted, don't hate...be happy with them! You'll be surprised just how much it improves your outlook.

- Enjoy the simple things! Take a deep breath from time to time. I think it is critical to remind ourselves that even when the world seems to continuously be ringing the alarm everything is not all bad. It is critical to enjoy all the little blessings and not get caught up on the "major" things we are still waiting for. Sometimes an extra long binge session after you found an amazing new show on Netflix is the perfect escape. Sometimes a quick trip to the gym or cracking a few jokes in a group chat with your squad is something you should fully embrace. Sometimes that slice of perfect cheesecake or a trip to that self-serve froyo spot is exactly what your day needed and should be fully savored. Not overlooking what could be seen as "little moments" will undoubtedly help us to find highlights sprinkled throughout every day.

- Reflect! The more frequently we take time to look back at good moments of the past, the more frequently we will grow excited about good times that lie ahead. There is something great that happens when we look back over our lives and choose to see progress versus focusing in on what's negative. No matter how terrible your yesterday may have been, the fact that you have a today is progress in and of itself. It is up to us everyday to choose to see things from this perspective. Sometimes scrolling back through your timeline is also a quick refresher of all the amazing memories that have shaped your today. Graduations, birthday parties, times with friends, trips to amazing locations are all reminders we can pull up in the banks of our mind to turn around even the worst day. So, the next time you are feeling down or something/someone crazy is working your nerve endings, take a moment to reflect and know that you can always hold a happy place in your heart!

- God! There is a catchphrase my pastor used to say that has always stuck with me, "You can't spell GOOD with out GOD!" I have found this to be the truest sentiment in my entire life. My personal relationship with God always leaves me with hope because I can trust that God is not only in control, but also good in His nature. God is the frame of reference through which I view everything in this life. This allows me to sort through even the worst of days, by always having a source of stability to fall back on. I believe faith in Jesus allows me to know that something beautiful will always lie ahead. God is love and that love is essential to making every day a Good Day.


Thanks for reading...would love to hear you comments on what makes your day's good. Don't forget to check out my new song "Good Day" ft Dre Murray and Beleaf Friday, February 3rd! 

Have a really Good Day!






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